Best practices

On this page we have collected "best practices" for integrations that use our API. These suggestions are based on the design of and knowledge of the API's inner workings. Follow these tips to make your integration as efficient and user friendly as possible.

Include location information

Help your customers understand where an activity takes place by displaying either its default city or all its connected destinations.

Show any coordinates for a meeting point on a map so that customers can clearly see where an activity starts.

Include details about the activity's venues too to give your customers a better idea of what attractions and landmarks they're going to see.

Create your own destination catalog

Set up a scheduled action to sync Musement cities with your own destination catalog. It makes it easier to set up a dedicated destination page that lists available activities.

By mapping our cities to your destinations, you gain more control over how you display the catalog. You can customize your mapping to group multiple cities into a single destination or ignore the locations you aren't interested in. For more information on getting activities by one or more cities, check out this page.

Use multiple filters

Give your customers a better user experience by giving them more filters to find the activities they want. Whether it's a destination page or general search results, always include these popular filter options:

Pay attention to sorting

By default, our API sorts activities by the relevance property, from lowest to highest. We strongly recommend modifying the call to sort results from highest to lowest instead so that customers start the page with the most popular activities first.

Improve the user experience more by giving your customers control over the sorting direction and criteria. We encourage adding options to sort activities by popularity (relevance), prices and ratings.

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