Welcome to the Musement partner API documentation!

This documentation is for partners who want to set up an API integration to sell activities from the Musement catalog.

We are always looking for new partners to work with and have designed our system to meet multiple needs. Whether you're looking for a fully featured tours and activities booking application or a simple catalog browser, this resource contains all the information you need to get started.

It includes an API reference and multiple examples for testing.


Types of integrations

Musement partners can choose between two types of API integrations: merchant or affiliate.

Both types of integrations can use the Musement API to retrieve activity details, look up availability, create carts, place orders, check booking statuses and use post-booking functionalities. The key difference between the two options lies in payment.


Merchant partners integrate with the entire Musement API to sell our catalog directly on their own platforms. For payment at the end of the booking flow, partners act as merchants of record and use the so-called no-payment flow. Access to this flow requires special authorization. To get set up, contact

As merchant of record, partners are expected to calculate and apply country-based taxes, take care of all monetary transactions with their customers, provide customer support, process cancellations/refunds and manage communication between suppliers and customers.


Affiliate partners do not manage payments: they use the so-called payment flow to connect with the Musement payment gateway Stripe. In this case Musement acts as the merchant of record.

Affiliates can opt for a full or partial API integration. In a full integration, the whole user experience takes place on the affiliate’s platform, including payments to Musement via API. In a partial API integration, affiliates will integrate APIs related to searching the catalog only. After picking the activity, users will be redirected to the Musement platform for payment.

Getting access to the API

Access to the Musement API, even for simple testing, requires going through a few official procedures.

1. Sign a contract

Start by contacting our Strategic partnerships team at to begin negotiating a contract.

2. Get sandbox environment access

When your contract is finally signed, our API distribution team will provide your own sandbox authentication credentials and application value.

3. Test in sandbox environment

Once you have both your authentication credentials and application value, you can begin exploring our sandbox environment and testing your integration.

4. Request production environment access

When your testing is complete, contact our Strategic partnerships and API distribution teams to request access to our production environment.

5. Complete the go-live checklist

Before you receive access to our production environment, you will be asked to complete a checklist of requirements and recommendations, based on our quality checklist.

6. Organize a demo

Organize a demonstration of your integration with our Strategic partnerships and API distribution teams.

7. Receive production environment access

If your checklist and demo are accepted, you will receive production credentials and an application value from our API distribution team.

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