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Sandbox access

For access to our API sandbox environment, partners must contact our Strategic Partnerships team at to organize a signed contract.

Application value

API requests require a partner's application value in the X-Musement-Application header. Partners with a signed contract can contact us at to receive their application value.

Technical support

Email us at for any kind of API tech support need. When reporting problems, please provide a clear description of the issue and how to reproduce it (for example a curl request and the error message response).

Please avoid sending any sensitive customer data via email.

Cancellation support

Partners may encounter errors when cancelling order items, both in the sandbox and production environments. In some cases, these aren't errors. Some activities must be cancelled manually by Musement. To request assistance to manually cancel an order item, contact our Customer Care team at Please include details about the order, order item and error message.

As always, please avoid sending any sensitive customer data via email.

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