On this page we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions. Whenever possible, we have included a link to relevant parts in the documentation.

What is the difference between an order and an item?

An item is the product added to cart, such as an adult admission ticket or English day tour. An order is a collection of all the items in the cart.

Can I cancel orders?

No. You cannot cancel an entire order. Instead, you must cancel each item in the order.

How long should I wait if my order is not confirmed instantly?

Check whether the booked activities are instant confirmation or not. Activities without instant confirmation have varying confirmation times, communicated in the activity info. Activities with instant confirmation may need up to 150 seconds to fully process.

Once all items in an order have been confirmed, the order status will change from PENDING to OK.

I have cancelled all items successfully, but the order status is still confirmed. What should I do?

Nothing. Our Customer Care team will receive a notification to review the cancellation requests and amend the order status. Order items with a status of REFUNDED were successfully cancelled and will not be invoiced. Items with a status of KO were also cancelled, but do to the item's refund policy, will still be invoiced.

Do you have a finite list of ticket holders?

No. Most of our ticket holders come from third-party API platforms and vary depending on the needs of the activity provider. Most of them follow intuitive naming conventions, such as "adult" and "child".

Can I make a call with multiple search parameters?

Yes. For simplicity we describe most search parameters separately in the documentation, but they can be used together.

In the example below, we are searching for museum activities in Milan that are available in 2024 in English:

curl -X GET '{baseUrl}/activities?available_from=2024-01-01&available_language_in=en&available_to=2024-12-31&category_in=new-activities&city_in=1' \
-H 'X-Musement-Application: {applicationValue}' \
-H 'X-Musement-Version: 3.4.0' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {accessToken}'

Why are API response times slow when searching for activities?

The limit query parameter for GET /activities can affect the response time exponentially. To improve response times, we recommend avoiding the default value of 100 and setting the limit value no higher than 20.
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