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Canceling an order item

While it's not possible to cancel an entire order, canceling individual order items is allowed for select partners. For access to canceling order items, you must ask special permission to the Strategic partnerships team.

Order items for activities with no refund policies cannot be canceled and will always be charged. You can only cancel order items for activities with one or more refund policies, provided they are still valid.

When you're interested in canceling an order item, we recommend the approach outlined below.

1. Check the order item refund policies

Before attempting to cancel an order item, verify its refund policies at the /orders/{orderUuid}/items/{orderItemUuid}/refund-policies endpoint. More information on this endpoint is available in the refund policy section.

2. Cancel the order item

If the order item can still be refunded according to the previous step, you can cancel an order item by making the following request:

curl -X DELETE '{baseUrl}/orders/{orderUuid}/items/{orderItemUuid}' \
-H 'X-Musement-Version: 3.4.0' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {accessToken}' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
	"cancellation_reason": "{validCancellationReason}",
	"cancellation_additional_info": "{optionalAdditionalInfo}"

The request body must have the cancellation_reason field with a valid value:

  • API-ISSUE: You encountered a technical issue with the API.
  • CANCELLED-BY-CUSTOMER: The customer has requested the cancellation.
  • GRACE-PERIOD: Canceling an order item within a limited window after placing the reservation.
  • MISSING-MEETING-POINT-DETAILS: Customers were unable to experience their reserved activity due to missing or outdated meeting point details.
  • MISSING-PASSENGER-INFO: Activity providers are unable to accept a reservation due to missing mandatory information such as date of birth, pickup points etc.
  • REJECTED-ORDER: Activity providers are unable to accept a reservation due to issues such as overbooking, invalid timeslots etc.
  • REJECTED-SCHEDULE-CHANGE: A proposed change to the reservation was rejected by either the customer or activity provider.
  • TECHNICAL-ISSUE: You have encountered a technical issue which does not relate to the Musement API.
  • VENUE-CLOSED: The reserved activity is unavailable due to weather, maintenance, strikes etc.

The cancellation_additional_info field can contain any additional information you wish to communicate regarding the cancellation. The field is optional and may be omitted if you feel it is unnecessary.

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